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Sandra Bullock Net Worth: How Rich Is Sandra Bullock In 2019?

Sandra Bullock Net Worth: $200 million

Sandra Bullock is a genuine A-rundown celeb: She considers George Clooney a nearby buddy, has an Oscar in plain view in her Beverly Slopes manor, and even hangs with Meryl Streep on the customary. However, past her VIP status, Sandra a.k.a. Sandy has earned a luxury living on account of driving jobs in Miss Congeniality, Gravity, and her most recent discharge, Seas 8.

Because of her 30-year profession as a performing artist and maker, Sandra has total Net Worth of $200 million, as per Big name Total nET wORTH. All through her profession, she has been named one of Forbes’ Most generously compensated Performing artists, in the end besting the rundown in 2014.

Sandra Bullock net Worth 2019

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Her jobs in Flunkies, Gravity, Miss Congeniality, The Proposition, and The Visually impaired Side brought in gobs of cash (alongside an Oscar win). But at the same time, she’s earned real cash offscreen as a maker.

Her generation organization, Fortis Movies, has made 19 motion pictures and scored an enormous syndication bargain from George Lopez, a fiercely well-known sitcom that made George a commonly recognized name. To date, her work — as both a performer and maker — have earned a negligible $5 billion.

Gravity, her science fiction flick with BFF George, is her greatest film industry hit, rounding up $723 million around the world. The on-screen character marked an arrangement that promised her $20 million and 15% of Gravity’s film industry and stock profit, totaling $70 million.

Past her creative work and generosity, the 53-year-old puts her cash in huge homes (eh, houses) the nation over. She claims two in the Los Angeles region — one 3,500-square-foot home on the Dusk strip and another $16 million Beverly Slopes house. In 2017, she started leasing the 3-room house on the Dusk strip for $15,000 per month. We see what you’re doing, Sandy.

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She likewise claims a 6,000-square-foot Victorian-style home in New Orleans, the origination of her kids. Furthermore, she sold two homes after her separation to James and utilized that well-deserved cash to sprinkle out on her new burrows.

Sandra Bullock Net Worth 2019

In particular, the star utilizes her cash for good. She’s been an open supporter of numerous catastrophic events including a year ago’s overwhelming Sea tempest Harvey. It’s accounted for that she has given $1 million to the American Red Cross on no less than five distinct events. Her magnanimous heart hasn’t gone unnoticed: She was granted the Most loved Helpful Honor at the General population’s Decision Grants in 2013 for her work to reestablish schools in New Orleans after Sea tempest Katrina.

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