Joker Spoiler Review

You’ve all seen the trailer. What’s the story? Why is it important to know the Joker’s origin? Do we need a fourth actor in 30 years to portray the iconic villain? You only need to know one thing: Todd Phillips and Scott Silver created the darkest and grittiest DC comic film adaptation to date.

Imagine Gotham circa 1981. It’s a version dirty version of the city. A crime wave and garbage strike currently plague it. Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is a loser who works as a Clown for a talent booking agency. A social worker is following him on a semi-regular basis because of profound mental health issues. He wants to become a stand-up comic. Arthur also suffers from a debilitating disease that makes him unable to control his laugh. He’s also the caretaker of his mom with whom he lives.

Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) is running for Mayor of Gotham; his platform is mainly about cleaning the city. Penny, Arthur’s mom, worked as a housekeeper for the Wayne family for 12 years. She’s been trying to get in contact with her old employer, but he’s not acknowledging her letters.

After losing his job, Arthur attacks and violently kills three Wall Street guys who were harassing a young woman on the subway.  The killings start a “Resist” movement against the wealthy establishment of Gotham. Thomas Wayne becomes the voice of the rich, and the poor people start rebelling against it.

Meanwhile, Arthur tries his hand at stand-up at an open mic night at a comedy club. He flops but becomes a viral sensation when his performance was taped and sent to the LIVE WITH MURRAY FRANKLIN (played by Robert De Niro) tv-show. The cops are investigating Arthur for his involvement in the subway killings. He finally reads one of his mother’s letters to Thomas Wayne. In it, Penny claims that Arthur is the illegitimate son of Thomas Wayne!!! There’s much more, but you’ll have to wait till October.Joker Spoiler Review

I am guaranteeing an Oscar nomination for Joaquin Phoenix. His Arthur Fleck is incredible. For a while, I thought his Johnny Cash would be his signature performance.  I think we’ll be proven wrong in 5 months. Robert De Niro has a very juicy role, and he could potentially be in the conversation come award season.

Warner Brother and DC are going into uncharted territory with the JOKER. But believe me, they will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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