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Google search will look to compare device specifications soon

Google search will look to compare device specifications soon

As we know that there are really hundreds of tools in Google search and most probably do not know about most of them, even then, Google is constantly adding more features and things are changing. By using Google’s users  Can be easy. At the end of this week, it has been found that Google has made a new update, which will allow you to compare two devices.

Just type “iPhone X vs pixel 2 XL” and click on Google search, you will be shown at the top of a comparison chart query list and will also be to drop down for more information, but the pricing feature may be flawed. Compared to the above, you can see the price of the iPhone X listed in $ 2000, although MSRP goes up to $ 999 for the base-model device Google determines pixel 2 XL value Is found and includes even career value.

When it comes to discovering devices on your smartphone, it includes some additional functionality. When you search, you get a standard comparison chart that appears above you, but there is a “detailed comparison” option, in which it is important to note that “the ability to highlight the difference” between the devices you are comparing Is that it cannot work for all the devices yet, because we can have issues when comparing it with some devices.

As we know, it is not going to draw every specification for these devices, but it pulls from the most important things. It includes company names, processors, prices, screen sizes, storage capacity, battery life, cameras and even network compatibility and is an important part of the comparison.

This feature here currently works for only two devices, which means that if the user tries to compare three or more devices, then this will not work.

At this time, the comparative feature does not appear in a search on the Google India search page or mobile search page. Keeping in mind that Google is still testing this feature, we can expect Google to update it soon in all countries.

As a result, we come here that Google’s updates will be beneficial for users and Google will be able to compare it without any errors.

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